US Pledges $3 Billion In Extra Military Aid To Ukraine

'War Ukraine' by MOD of Ukraine (CC BY-SA 2.0)

The US is today expected to announce an extra $3 billion of weapons aid to Ukraine, as Washington looks to a long-term campaign in supporting Kyiv in its war with Russia.

This latest wave of military aid will be the single largest weapons package provided by the US to Ukraine since the escalation of violence on 24th February, and will bring the sum total of US military aid to Ukraine to $13.6 billion.

This shipment of weapons will be given to Ukraine under the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI), in which the US government buys weapons from the existing stockpiles of US defence contractors, before sending them to on to Ukraine.

With such eye watering sums being donated, many might question during a time of soaring inflation,  looming recession, and impending food shortages, whether the US taxpayer can, or should, be footed with the bill for sustaining an unwinnable war for Ukraine on Europe’s Eastern edges.

The exorbitant profits already being made by US and European defence contractors, reflect an extraordinary transfer of public wealth into private coffers, sustaining an industry whose existence relies on the wars and civil strife incited by NATO.

The new arms package will also address Ukraine’s medium to long range capabilities, rather than their immediate battlefield needs. Given, the increasing volume of drone attacks on Russian positions in Crimea, Ukraine’s increased capacity for long range strikes may see new targets open up within Russia’s borders, and a military escalation Ukraine’s infantry can ill afford.

Ukrainian forces are currently suffering horrendous losses in the country’s East, described by one Ukrainian soldier as a “hell of a meat grinder”. Commentators have pointed out that this tragic situation is only sustained by the flow of Western supplied weaponry to Ukraine’s frontlines, and the absence of any will to seek diplomatic solutions.

Nevertheless, Western legacy media outlets continue to herald the impact of western weapons in halting the advance of Russian forces, and champion their increased flow as a means of breaking Russia’s will by the end of the year.

While this is not observable on the battlefield, the reality of the flow of Western weapons from Ukraine onto the black-market is documented. With many being sold to or simply seized by Russian forces, some shipments are finding their way into the hands of jihadists in Syria, making Ukraine a new transit hub for weapons being used to pursue NATO’s regime change agenda in Syria.

Just as European governments invested colossal public wealth into legacy media and big pharma to sustain the perception of a Covid crisis, they now replicate their formula through investing arms in arms firms to sustain the war in Ukraine.

Whether the goal is reconditioning of social norms or the fomenting of greater conflict in Europe & the Middle East, the methodology is the same. With Howitzers now replacing boosters, it’s always one more batch to get the job done, yet thus far, neither have proven effective

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