US Occupation Forces In Syria Continue Smuggling Stolen Oil Into Iraq

30th Armored Brigade Combat Team (in Syria) by The National Guard (CC BY 2.0)

US forces in Syria have again been observed moving tankers of oil taken from occupied Syrian territories in the country’s north, across the border into neighboring Iraq.

Local sources spotted two shipments of 20 and 25 oil tankers, along with refrigerated trucks being moved by the US military across the northern Al Jazeera region into Iraq, with the assistance of pro-US Kurdish SDF separatist forces

The convoys are said to be coming from Syrian oil fields in Rmailan and al-Shaddadi, and headed to Iraqi territory through the illegitimate al-Mahmoudiya crossing in the al-Yaroubiya countryside, accompanied by U.S military helicopters.

A few days previous, locals also witnessed a convoy of 55 oil tankers leaving by the same route.

In 2019 The head of US Central Command stated there was no “end date” on the US’s intervention in Syria, despite their presence and that of Turkish forces in the country’s north constituting a violation of Syrian law and the UN charter.

Despite many sightings coming from eye witnesses and being not being subject to official verificaiton, there exists contractual evidence that the US under the Trump administration, struck deals with Kurdish occupying forces in these regions, allowing US firms to illegally extract and export Syrian oil.

This time last year, US and militia forces occupied an area of land accountable for 70% of Syria’s wheat supplies and have also been observed in months and years previous, of moving stolen Syrian wheat from the town of Rmelan in the north-eastern province of Hasaka, into Iraq.

This latest observed theft also occurs under the din of western politicians and legacy media channels accusing Russia of stealing Ukrainian resources including wheat, and using food as a weapon of war, which the Kremlin has categorically denied.

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