Brighton & Hove City Council Motion to Reconfigure Local Healthcare Governance, Meets Opposition From Councillors and NHS Campaigners

Campaigners gather in protest at Hove Town Hall by PR

Originally written November 2019

A decision from the local health authority to reconfigure local NHS governance has been met with opposition from councilors and fury from health campaigners.

Local representatives of NHS England passed the motion during a heated council meeting at Hove Town Hall, which saw two members of the public forcibly ejected by security for repeated outbursts.

Proposals put forth by the council’s Health and Well Being Board for Integrated Care Systems (ICS), are stated to aim for greater cooperation between primary and social care providers.

Demonstrating outside and speaking inside the council building, Madeleine Dickens from ‘Sussex Defend the NHS’ voiced broader concerns over the plans.

“The Health and Wellbeing Board, the committee that are meeting, they are about to force through the complete change in our NHS in this city.

“ICS will bring much more privatisation into the city it will bring in particular, US corporations, right to the heart of our NHS”, she explained

Green Party Councillors, Sue Shanks and Sarah Nield, put forth a recommendation that plans be ‘delayed pending full local engagement with all relevant local stakeholders’.

 “Frankly I feel railroaded” explained Councillor Nield to the chamber, adding that she thinks the “public need to be more consulted.”

She also opined that much of the plan was being designed to “close the gap in finances rather than to give a better service”.

Whilst the motion passed with a vote of 3 against 2, the plans are due a full council review on December 19th.

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